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Kate R. pink bike

Kate R. writes:

“Hi Crystal, I love your site and am so glad you’ve updated it!

“Perhaps you’ll post a photo of my 1990 Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra in Team Weinmann livery – shocking pink, purple, and pearl white with chevrons in lime green! This was an eBay deal years ago. The price was good but the paint was dinged, and I’d pretty much resolved to have it resprayed in some less outrageous single color. By the time I fell in love with its simply awesome ride, however, the funky colors had grown on me. A couple of years ago I had it repainted in the original colors and rebuilt with Chorus 10 and other modern alloy components. Despite the goofy tall quill I need now because of back problems, I like to think it has a sort of ‘retro-moderne’ look. I call ‘Barbie’s Playbike’ — oops, can I say that without using the copyright mark?!

“I appreciate your letting me tell you about my beloved Corsa Extra.”

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