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Rebecca Mellor pink bike

Rebecca writes:

“I found your fantastic website purely by mistake, but am so happy to see the beautiful pink bikes out there! It was mentioned in the newsletter of Road Bike Rider.

“Attached is a picture of my beloved Daccordi. It’s story?? Well, I used to be a runner, but was getting too many injuries, so I thought I should do some cross training. Went to the local bike shop, and the owner’s wife was wanting to sell. I knew absolutely nothing about bikes then. It had flat pedals and the gear shift was on the frame. But it fit me okay, so out I pedalled. when I thought I was smart enough, I changed to cleats, and on my first ride with them managed to fall off and fracture my wrist. Ended up with purple plaster to match! But I was also stupid enough to change the gear shift to the handlebars. Now I wish I hadn’t !! It would have been a bit more classic…

“Oh well.

“I now ride a Cannondale Synapse, which probably weighs half of what my Daccordi does, but I love my pink bike and would never part with it!!”

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