Lauri Dubia

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Lauri Dubia pink bicycle

Lauri writes:

“I have a Bike Friday Pocket Crusoe 3.2 Tourlite that has a special paint job called ‘Princess Pink’. I have ridden a lot of bikes & I love this one! Being a breast cancer survivor now of 5 yrs this bike has a special place in my heart. In DC we have a wonderful Bike Friday & I love doing the long rides. This picture was taken when we were up in Annapolis, MD. PS: I love your site!”

Kurt Christensen

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Kurt ChristensenCheck out this one: Kurt, a sales guy over at Bike Friday, was the first guy to send me a pink bike photo.

He writes, “what can I say? It’s a beautiful color, and it does indeed stand out from the Clonestrong bikes.”

Girlfromdownunder | Lynette Chiang

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Gal from DownUnder Bike Friday

The Girlfromdownunder AKA Lynette Chiang sent along some links to her pink Pocket Rocket Pro Petite Bike Friday. Lynette is a customer evangelist for Bike Friday, and you can read more about her adventures on her web site, as well as here and here.

Gal from DownUnder Bike Friday

Gaylynn Hanavancoon

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Gaylynn from Bike Friday The folks at Bike Friday were so proud of their “Queen Voice” Gaylynn Hanavancoon, who was just as proud to ride her pink Pocket Rocket Pro Petite.

Sadly, Gaylynn passed away in September 2007 after fighting cancer for 12 years. A tribute page is posted on the Bike Friday site.

Susan Otcenas

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Susan’s Bike Friday, in candy raspberry, looks like “a pretty kinda metallic fucshia-ish sort of color,” said Susan. “The long seat post still needs to be cut, obviously, and it still has the fit stem on it. I’m still monkeying around with my position, but once that’s done, I’ll send the stem back in and they will custom make a one piece swan-neck stem, which will of course be candy raspberry as well.” Susan is president of Team Estrogen.

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