Nina Vera

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Nina writes:

“I’m from the Philippines and I ride a pink bike!

“My bike’s name is Andie, named after the girl from Pretty in Pink.  Andie is a road bike.  I’ve been riding mountain bike for almost 4 years now, and road for almost 3 years.  I do a lot of racing both in cycling and multisport.  When I was building this bike, I wanted a very feminine, cutesy type of bike, but with deceiving looks, so it also has to be a very fast machine!  Though I continuously work on the engine (that’s me), Andie does have some light, fast (and cute) components to keep her on top of her game!  I got all the parts from various local bike shops here in Manila, while the rear purple skewer was given to me by a fellow cyclist I met during the Tour of EGAT in Thailand.  He liked my purple tires and gave me the skewer to match!  The pink Speedplay pedals were a surprise gift from my boyfriend!

“The frame is Cannondale Six13 Feminine, a women-specific frame in Pearl White.  It has a sort of rockstar look to it.  If you look closely, the frame has tiny white glitters and pale yellow stars painted on random parts of the frame.  I used as many pink accessories as I can, as long as it looks good with the overall harmonic pinkness of the bike.  Right now, I have a pink saddle (that says ‘Ride Like a Girl’), pink Speedplay pedals, Jagwire cables and bar tape.  I also have purple tires and a purple rear skewer.  The gold chain adds extra ‘bling-age’ to the white frame and pink components.  I think it makes the bike look more outgoing and fun.

“I’m waiting for the pink Hudz for Ultegra to come out!  I’d also like to get a set of pink tires, skewers, carbon spacers, seatpost clamp, bottle cages and screws, all in baby pink!  I’ll have to keep looking around and find them though.  I also saw some pink brake pads in a bike shop a while back, but they’re for mountain bikes.  I’ll have to check if they’re available for road.  Finally, I’ll have a sticker made, with ‘Andie’ written in silver letters to put on the frame.”


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Maria sent photos of two of bikes:

“I love my pink Cannondale – it’s a real special machine. The Fondriest was my first pink bike but I think you’ll agree the Cannondale is a vision of pinkness!!”


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Kanako sent photos of three pink bikes:

Hello Crystal,
I love pink and love your site.  Here are my 3 pink bikes.
1)    Custom Bike
I got this bike custom made with my first salary after college about 20 years ago in Japan.  I brought it all the way to the US.  I don’t ride it much now but still love this bike!
2)    Cannondale
With all pinkness on the bike, as well as my pink helmet, socks and jersey, I won the most color-coordinated award in the 2008 Redmond-to-Spokane (WA, 300 miles) ride.
3)    Marin
I had never mountain-biked before but had to buy this beautiful bike!  Now, though not very good at it, I love mountain-biking.

Thank you!

Jacqueline Campbell

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Jacqueline Campbell sent in a photo of her taken on a self-supported ride, with her 2002 “pepto bismal” Cannondale. This was taken after reaching the top of Kolob Canyon in Southwest Utah, in Zion National Park.

She had a custom “princess pink” Bike Friday Petite Crisco folding bike in the making when she sent this, “since,” she writes, “I have a small fortune invested in pink jerseys, socks etc!”

Lisa Moller

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Lisa’s husband James wrote to me about his wife’s bike:

“My wife Lisa has been competing in triathlons for many years. Unfortunately, she made the decision to sell her beloved TREK 2200 last year, and replaced it with a Cannondale Ironman 2000. She loved how it felt, handled and performed. She hated the stock color. Earlier this year we decided to have it repainted. Yep, not even a scratch on the new paint, and it was going to be stripped. But you know, she loves it now, and could only hope on finding a jersey to match. Funny, how she hated pink when we first met.”

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