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Bess the CycleBella

Hi Crystal: Love the site! Here is a picture of (me and ) my pink-tricked Bianchi Giro. I’ve added double pink cork tape (nice and cushy for my wrist issues) and a pink Terry Damafly saddle. I try to keep it subtle :-)

Where I got it: Bici Bikes in San Jose, CA. Gary (the owner) had a lot of fun coming up with ways to accent the bike he built for me. Where I ride: Northern California, South Bay Area. Here is one of my favorite routes in Morgan Hill, CA:

What is next: Looking for a saddle bag – wish Timbuk had a pink logo’d one! Also would love to get pinks wheels.

Why I ride: For fun, fitness, and charity. I’m currently training for a century in Tahoe, benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. Wish me luck!

Again, love the site! Bess the CycleBella

Martin Vann

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Stacey sent in this photo of her boss, Martin Vann.

“He is my boss and he was part of a Charity Bike Marathon in Chicago [in May 2006]. We would love to see his picture on his pink bike on here.”

Here you go, Stacey!

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