Kenneth Apacki

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Kenneth Apacki pink touring bicycle

Kenneth sent in this “real man’s pink bike” photo, and writes:

“Crystal, attached is a picture of my pink bike. Adventure Cycling’s Bicycle Bits led me to your site and interest in pink bikes. My pink bicycle is a steel Bike Nashbar 6000 Tour purchased in 1993 to replace the bicycle I drove into the garage while on the car rack. The pink (corral) was the only bike in the store that fit me. Over the years I have taken many touring trips – Pacific Coast; New Orleans to Ohio; Ohio to Maine; Granville, Massachusetts to Granville, Ohio.

“The picture was taken at the ‘End of the Trail’ monument to Lewis & Clark at Sea Side, Oregon after completing the 3,600 mile trip from Ohio to Oregon following the Corps of Discovery’s route. Having a pink bike has allowed me to seldom worry about my bicycle being stolen as I ride across the country. Through the years worn out components have been changed and upgraded, but it is essentially a simple steel touring bicycle from the catalog.”

Girlfromdownunder | Lynette Chiang

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Gal from DownUnder Bike Friday

The Girlfromdownunder AKA Lynette Chiang sent along some links to her pink Pocket Rocket Pro Petite Bike Friday. Lynette is a customer evangelist for Bike Friday, and you can read more about her adventures on her web site, as well as here and here.

Gal from DownUnder Bike Friday


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Charlotte wrote to me from the UK about her very “candy” pink bike, Fifi.

“She started life as a 90’s vintage Specialized Stumpjumper. Mario Vaz of South London blasted off the old paint, got a load of useful braze-ons added to the frame and gave her a coat of Candy Pink which the guy in my LBS described as ‘possibly the most sickening colour I have ever seen on a bike.’ I think it was supposed to be a compliment…

“She’s got Mavic wheels with Vredstein S-Licks (pink logos!), a Middleburn triple chainset and Wellgo SPDs. I’ve put on 40cm girlie drops with a pointy-uppy Specialized stem and the rear gears are operated by Ultegra STIs. I’ve added auxiliary levers (which are really cool) and they pull on Oryx Cantilever brakes. The front gears work off of an Ultegra bar end lever and the bars are all wrapped up in Specialized Phat-wrap. Most of the other stuff is Deore. She’s got a very lovely Madison gel saddle (with titanium rails). There’s a Tor-Tek stainless steel rack for my sarnies, SKS mudguards to keep my tootsies dry and a Cateye Mity 8 computer to show me how slow I am.”

Susan Otcenas

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Susan’s Bike Friday, in candy raspberry, looks like “a pretty kinda metallic fucshia-ish sort of color,” said Susan. “The long seat post still needs to be cut, obviously, and it still has the fit stem on it. I’m still monkeying around with my position, but once that’s done, I’ll send the stem back in and they will custom make a one piece swan-neck stem, which will of course be candy raspberry as well.” Susan is president of Team Estrogen.

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